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I “met” Koen Suidgeest a few years ago now when I applied to work for him as a web designer. At my insistence at wanting to know why he had not hired me for the job, he very honestly replied with “your web sites are functional but their designs are… (he must have sweated here trying to figure out how to put it nicely)… not so good”. Or something to that effect. I thanked him for his honesty and… 3 years later we are still exchanging emails. Funny how things go.

When I started olivetalks with ZoltarStark, I decided to include Koen’s blogs on his adventures in Perm and India in the Blogroll, as I found them very interesting: not all film producers/directors take the time to share their experiences with us, mere mortals. Last week I kind of got scolded for keeping those two links and not adding his new one on his new documentary “Hijos de la calle”. But I don’t want to remove the other links, Koen! The “old” blogs are still interesting!

So, after some thinking, here is what I decided to do, create a Koen Suidgeest’s blogs page in olivetalks 🙂 Here I will link to ALL your blogs Koen, no matter how many you decide to start. How’s that?

So, with you, dear olivetalks readers, Koen Suidgeest’s blogs:

  1. the fourth… (in English, Feb 2005 – May 2005)
    Koen’s first blog… on life?
  2. Una semana en la India (en español, May 2005)
    Where Koen narrates his adventures during a week in Bombay researching for his documentary.
  3. Fodka & Vilms (in English, September 2007)
    Koen’s impressions during his visit to Perm in Russia, for its International Documentary Film Festival of 2007.
  4. HIJOS DE LA CALLE (in English, June 2008 – ongoing)
    Street Babies is a documentary film which follows teenage street mother Inés Gómez and her newborn, from birth until the child’s first birthday, as they are trying to string together a life for themselves on the streets of Guatemala City. This documentary is expected to be released in Spring 2010! Quite cool to read how it is being done from the very beginning… [update: Due to problems, the film now follows a young mother and her baby, who live as part of a group of kids in a small park in Managua (Nicaragua) as they struggle through the first year of the child’s life. See the whole story of the film in the director’s blog]
  5. to be continued… 😉


PS. Update from August 7, 2008: I have just learnt it seems Koen did not sweat at all when having to tell me my web designs were not good enough… Beware whomever asks him for an opinion at a low self esteem moment! 😉

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  1. August 4th, 2008 at 7:59 pm
    Koen said,

    Thank you LadyRostand. I am a very priviliged human being!

    I can’t believe you found that first one. Even I had lost track of it. I was tempted to delete it right now, but checked it out and I guess it was written during some interesting times, especially the 11-M experiences.

    As for the web designer, if you check out the ever under construction http://www.elrayofilms.com, you understand that I’m still looking…

  2. October 3rd, 2008 at 11:49 am

    […] to turn my entire blog into Spanish… First they searched for me on internet and found me on this blog. Then they translated its entire content bit by bit into […]

  3. July 12th, 2011 at 10:15 am
    charles said,

    This is such an terrible documentary from that affluent westerner and, yes!, subsidized, of course. Had given money to the poor people instead of this disgusting and brutal glimpse into the lives of these people.
    Suidgeest…deep shame on you!

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