Would you like to write amazing blog posts which attract many readers? I bet you do. Spend a few minutes reading this post and the chances of you achieving this dream will greatly increase.

Blow them out of the water.

First let us define what is meant here by a great blog post. I am assuming that if you are reading this post you are looking for ways to increase the readership of your blog and that is what I am going to focus on – how to write a blog post which will bring lots of readers to your blog.

Hook them and keep them.

The definitions are out of the way and now we can focus on the meat of the issue. You want to write a fantastic post which will result in lots of visitors to your blog. There are three parts to achieving this goal:

  • hook – the readers find your post
  • sink – the readers find the post interesting
  • liner – the readers spread the word about your post

All three parts are essential in order to create a great post. They work best if combined together. Thanks to the synergy their effectiveness reaches its maximum.

The hook

First you need to somehow put the post in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The way to catch the attention of your steady readers is to start with a good title and follow with a great opening. Attracting new readers who do not know yet about your blog is different; use the right keywords in the post so it gets picked up by the search engines, then apply a bit of SEO. You can also place the links to your post in relevant online forums. Be careful as this method works best if the post is truly connected to the issues discussed on the forum.

The sink

People are starting to read your post. Now you need to make sure they keep reading till the very end. You can guarantee this will happen by thinking of a topic and a goal for the post before you start writing it. Both the topic and the goal have to be crisp and clear. You cannot afford to confuse your readers. After you have the post content written it is absolutely crucial that you edit it – this step is essential if you want to end up with a great post. Some of the content will be thrown away during editing, this is normal and expected.

The liner

The readers like your post and feel good about having read it. You want them to tell other people about it, to spread the news. They will be more likely to do this if your post is in some way useful to them and if the content is still current. These types of posts will bring traffic to the whole blog over a long time not only for a short while. They’re known as Pilar Articles, Flagship Content or Cornerstone Content. Regardless of the name you chose for these posts they will be the workhorse of your blog. They will be linked to by other people and they will rank highly in the search engines. All these factors will contribute to bringing you more traffic.

The synergy

Use effectively all three parts of the process to end up with a wildly successful post. Perfection is rarely achieved the first time; you will get better if you do it again and again. You’re bound to hit it true. Happy and successful writing!

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